©Anne Eichhorn 2022

Anne Eichhorn is a multi-disciplinary artist who paints, illustrates, installs, prints, and writes. Her works often involve reinterpreting and commenting on everyday objects, such as transforming used tea bags into canvases, book pages, sculptures, and installations. Through this personal translation into new forms, she creates a space where the familiar becomes unknown, inviting viewers to recognize the significance of recognition itself. Her works explore the boundless possibilities of life beyond subjective limits and tell abstract stories that challenge our binary distinctions between self and other, and within our own self-perceptions. Anne Eichhorn's works offer a bridge between the familiar and the unknown, encouraging viewers to seek out new perspectives, valuations, and positions.

Anne Eichhorn has her studio at FreiLand Potsdam

Member of BBK


2002 Abitur (German high school diploma)

2003-2005 Staatliche Berufsbildende Schule Arnstadt, specialization goldsmith

2008-2010 Medienschule Babelsberg Potsdam, design assistant degree

Exhibitions (selected):

2023: Group exhibition 'Willkommen I' in Potsdam

2022: Solo exhibition 'Zutritt nur mit Einkaufswagen gestattet' in Potsdam; Group exhibition 'Blitztauf' in Potsdam

2021: Installation 'Stunden' presented at KulturMachtPotsdam

2020: Solo exhibition 'in distant lands - Walden' in Potsdam

2019: Solo exhibition 'Natural Living R84 Bosco Post Industriale' in Mantova, Italy

Awards / Scholarships

2022: Nominated for Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis 2022

2019: Artist in residence in Mantua, Italy

2018: Artist in residence in Tampere, Finland